In Nordic myth the son of Odin and Frigg, the most beautiful of the Aesir. Possibly he was the twin brother of Hoder. He was the husband of Nanna and the father of Forseti. In Balder’s Dream it is told how, having been troubled with dreams of death, he reported it to the Aesir in council and Frigg extracted an oath from all things that they would not do any harm to Balder. Loki, filled with jealousy, ascertained that the mistletoe had not been included in this and persuaded Hoder, who was blind, to throw a sprig at Balder, who immediately fell down dead. Afterwards Hermod, a son of Odin, took Sleipnir, the horse of Odin, and rode to Hel to offer a ransom if she would let Balder return. On arriving at his destination Hel said that Balder could return if ‘All things in the world, both living and lifeless, weep for him’.
   Balder then gave Hermod the ring Draupnir which had been placed on his funeral pyre to take back to Odin, and Nanna, who had committed suicide after his death, also sent her magic ring to Fulla. When Hermod returned, everything on earth wept for Balder except the giantess Thaukt, and accordingly he did not return.
   The alternative version of Saxo Grammaticus makes Hoder the rival of Balder for the affections of Nanna. It would seem, however, that this is a later version. After his death his body was placed on a ship, Hringhorn, which was launched with the aid of the giantess Hyrrokin in strict accordance with northern customs. The fact that Hoder himself was killed some months later may point to Balder having been the divine sacrifice for the saving of the Aesir. The word Balder may be related to the Slavonic Bielbog, the white god.

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